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RSD Diet Guidelines

I have had many letters and e-mails from others like myself with Rsd that was interested in having Dr. Hooshmand's RSD Diet. After lots of searching and going through information, I now have the diet.

I want to point out that, I haven't tried this diet, nor do I know anybody that has. Therefore, I can't say if it helps or not with one's RSD. I am just listing it for those of you, that requested you'd like to have it.

Dr. Hooshmand states this diet isn't for losing or gaining weight. The purpose of this particular diet of his, is to exclude foods that are harmful to one's health and that aggravates chronic pain such as with RSD.

The Five C's you need to avoid are: cookies, cakes, chocolates, cocktails and Candy. Other foods that should be avoided are internal organ meats like: liver, sauage and hot dogs. There are certain foods that help the inhibitory nerve cells that suppress the pain input, and they are the Four F's: Fresh Fruit, Fresh Veggies, Fish and Fowl.

Four F's-

Fresh Fruit (not canned) Fresh Vegetables(Olive Oil is best to cook with) Fish-DOn't use margarine. Baked or broiled Fowl-Skinned. not fried.(baked, roasted or grilled is fine)

Foods that are allowed rarely or sparingly

Tea, Lamb, Pulp of potato

Foods To Avoid

Coffee, soft drink with sugar crystalline sugar ,Pies, Bologna, Salami, Hot Dogs, Sherbert ,Ice Cream, Enriched Flour(bleached) ,Syrups, Mayonnaise, All fried foods, Canned fruits packed in syrup, Candies, Bacon, or pork, Donuts, Margarine, Nondairy cream substitutes ,Alcohol, Cake Mixes ,Potato Chips, Dips ,Crisco & other shortenings(replace with olive oil), Lard, Sweetrolls and Cakes.


Diet drinks(low to no sodium, no sugar or caffine) ,Nuts-salted & raw, Honey(natural) ,Skim Cheese, Apples, All Fresh Fruits, Unsweetened orange juice, Natural fresh squeezed orange or grapefruit juice ,Apple juice(natural), All Fresh Vegetables, Veal ,Chicken & Fowl(skinned) ,Lobster(no butter), Lean Roast Beef(moderation), Raisins ,Skim Milk, Tuna(packed in water). Drink 6-8 glasses water daily. Fruits(dried), Shrimp ,All Fish Cereals(low sugar , whole grain) Sardines Sweet Potato & skin Lowfat plain yogurt(add your own fruit), Lowfat cottage cheese, Oatmeal(plan and unflavored) ,Crab.